“10 Projects We’re Following in 2015”

​There are a few projects in the article, ” 10 Projects We’re Following in 2015″ by Azure Magazine that I found particularly interesting.

Canakkale Antenna Tower1Canakkale Antenna Tower3

Canakkale Antenna Tower, http://www.azuremagazine.com/article/10-upcoming-architecture-projects-2015/?utm_content=locklear83%40yahoo.com&utm_source=VerticalResponse&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=&utm_campaign=AZ%20Awards%20Open%2C%2010%20Projects%20to%20Watch%2C%20Dining%20Delightscontent#

The first project is the Canakkale Antenna Tower by Inter.National.Design and Powerhouse Company.  The firm won a competition to build a communications tower and public building for this historic city.  The main idea of the building is to separate the (high-radiation) communications tower from the areas where the public will be.  The public spaces are arranged in a loop hoisted on posts in order to leave the forest underneath untouched.  The raised building will allow for visitors to have unprecedented, uninterrupted views of the Dardenelles from exhibition spaces, observation decks, and other areas open to the public.

Initially I saw the image of this building and thought, “Jetson-esque” and “Over the Top,”  but upon reading about the building and the purpose anyway, I began to admire this project.  The fact that it’s main purpose is to serve as a communications tower, which are usually utilitarian and unsightly, Inter.National.Design has done a good job taking a necessary object, expanding the program to invite people in, creating a statement, and turning an object into architecture.  I also appreciate the firms preservation of the natural beauty of the site and their desire to not disrupt the ecosystem that already occupies that space.

Harbin Cultural Island1 Harbin Cultural Island2

Harbin Cultural Island, http://www.azuremagazine.com/article/10-upcoming-architecture-projects-2015/?utm_content=locklear83%40yahoo.com&utm_source=VerticalResponse&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=&utm_campaign=AZ%20Awards%20Open%2C%2010%20Projects%20to%20Watch%2C%20Dining%20Delightscontent#

The other project that I admire is the Harbin Cultural Island by MAD.  The arts complex has one small performance space and one large performance space.  This building is almost completed, with only the interior left to construct.  According to Azure Magazine, “Both the geography and culture of Harbin, the musical capital of China’s northeast and home to the world’s largest annual ice festival, played a big role in the project: the custom white aluminum cladding, white stone and concrete evoke the glaciated ice of northern China and nearby Siberia” (Dick-Agnew and Pagliacolo).  Architect Yansong even included Buddhist symbolism via a reflecting lake between the two auditoriums spanned by a long bridge, representing the concept of the “void.”

I appreciate the influence the culture and climate had on this buildings design, location, and function.  Every building should respect and celebrate it’s surrounding factors, and if it cannot do that, then it should definitely at least serve to inspire the place where it resides.

Overall, all of these projects are bold statements in their respective environments.  I think that is what makes them noticeable.  The reason they are worthy of being watched is because of their uniqueness, not necessarily their physical uniqueness, bold forms, or flashy look, but the ones that are really worth watching are the projects that serve their community well, are inviting to the people who will be using them, and treasure the cultural and geographic influences around them.

Dick-Agnew, D, & Pagliacolo, E. (2015, January 6). 10 Projects We’re Following in 2015. Azure Magazine.


2 thoughts on ““10 Projects We’re Following in 2015”

  1. Your last sentence is spot on! So often this more flashy architecture appears as if it is completely ignoring the surroundings, culture, or people. You have done a great job of understanding why the form is important for these projects and how they have incorporated people and the environment to the larger project. Do you know if both projects have been fully approved and are scheduled to be built?


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