Week 2 Report and a little bit of Week 1

Since I didn’t write anything for the first week of my internship, I will include a little snapshot from that as well.  Week 1 was of course at the start and sometimes throughout full of settling in, sorting out computer and phone setup, meeting new people, and HR paperwork.  However, it did not take long for them to put me to work as I started in on a quick project for one of their new clients, Campbell County Community Library.

This library is located in Gillette, Wyoming.  They are overcrowded, and in desperate need of more space and updating.  They sought the help of Humphries Poli Architects to analyze their space and their situation in order to determine the best solution for the possible expansion of the library.  Therefore, the service that Humphries Poli (and myself by default) have provided for them is a Feasibility Study for the library.  The final result of this Feasibility Study was a 59 page publication including the Campbell County Community Library Mission, Background, “Mind-Breaking” Activities and documentation (Activities for the library board and library patrons to participate in to understand what the clients desire for a new library, very much like the sticky note activities that Dave Richter-O’Connell has us do to brainstorm outside the box), Zoning, Landscaping, Existing Parking Conditions and Possible Solutions, Existing Facility and 5 Options with pricing for remodel, then Appendices with other similar projects and space comparisons, all of the Mind-Breaking comments, and the Programming Questionnaire.

Within these last two weeks there have been several progress diagrams for this book.  I have been responsible for several sets of diagrams, such as parking diagrams, and pricing diagrams.  My co-worker Jeff had already been working on the massing diagrams and area allocation diagrams for this project, so both of us worked together to compile, organize, and finish the report.  On Friday of this week we printed 12 hard copies of the final product and bound them together for Dennis Humphries and Ryan Wallace to take to Gillette.

On Monday of this next week, Dennis (one of the Principals) and Ryan (Associate Principal and my current supervisor) are traveling to Gillette to present the final report to the Library Board.

Up to this point I have been working on this project and then compiling two material boards for other library projects in Colorado Springs (which is kind of weird since I am very familiar with the two libraries they are remodeling).  The material boards have allowed me to have a lot of contact with manufacturing reps and ordering samples, while the Campbell County Public Library Report has put my diagramming and InDesign skills to the test.

What I have found to be most beneficial and fascinating, however, is not only the actual work that I have been doing, but also working in a team on this project and learning from Ryan and Jeff.  In some aspects the way the office is run is very similar to studio by receiving a directive, completing that, sitting down with your team and revising and receiving feedback, making corrections, coming back, receiving more changes, etc, until the head designer or architect is satisfied.  I also have learned a lot about good production of work and how to explain your thoughts well graphically with only a minimal amount of supplementary text, that the two forms of communication work together.  The entire book that they will be presenting consists of diagrams to explain to the client what they currently have and what Humphries Poli recommends for them.


One thought on “Week 2 Report and a little bit of Week 1

  1. First of all, I am SO glad you got the opportunity to contribute on a feasibility study. I think these types of exercises are great for the design team and the client to wrap their head around the design problem or challenge. It will also be very useful for you as you approach your thesis project programming next year. I would encourage you to see if you can get a digital copy of it for your own reference. And I am so thankful you are realizing the power of diagrams. I know we constantly tell students to diagram and sometimes it can be without much direction. I hope this will allow you to feel more comfortable diagraming for all projects to come.

    And the studio environment is very important. Not all offices operate that way, so it is always refreshing to feel comfortable discussing design and concepts with your peers and managers!


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