Week 3 Report

This week at Humphries Poli found me with five new projects on my plate.

I found out that the way that they schedule time for everyone is through a program called Vision.  This is where timesheets are filled out and scheduling is decided by the Project Managers (PMs) and the Principals, Dennis and Joe, for each employee each week.  The program shows you which projects you will be working on for the week and how many hours are allotted for you to work on said project.  Having your hours planned out for you is slightly nice and slightly nerve-racking to complete everything within the allotted time.

The last two weeks I was placed entirely on one project, the Campbell County Public Library Feasibility Study.  Last week we completed the book and this Monday Dennis and my PM Ryan traveled to Gillette to present it to the client.  There were a few final alterations made on Monday and then my schedule for the new week came in.

This week I was working on five different projects instead of one.  Most of my time spent at Humphries Poli will be this way, jumping around to different projects as I am needed, instead of starting on a project in SD and working all the way to CDs.  They are currently working to win a few new projects in March, so I might be able to get to work on schematic design and design development at that time.  The five projects that I worked on this week though were the completion of the CCPL report, a few graphic design assignments for Martha in Marketing, Xcel Energy, Aria Townhomes, and Marion Street Apartments.

In regards to Marketing, Humphries Poli will be a featured speaker at Denver’s annual Historic Renovation Conference, so I conducted some graphic design work for the cover pages of their presentation.  I also put together a “coffee table” book of some key images from one of the projects, Isabella Bird Elementary School, completed earlier this year to be printed as a present for the school, project managers, consultants, contractors, and their own records and press.

Xcel Energy is another small project that I helped create preliminary presentation documents for a client.  This project is for Xcel Energy as they desire to put up a new substation in a neighborhood that is highly resistant to the idea of installing a substation.  HPA’s job is to create a large enclosure around the substation to look like a building and minimize the visual impact the station will have on the neighborhood.  I helped create elevations to show how the substation will fit within the enclosure.  This process was interesting as halfway through the week we received a phone call saying that everything appeared to be two times taller than what it was supposed to be.  This led to an interesting call, discussion and meeting setup for next week to discuss the slope of the property, placement of the equipment, and miscommunication we were having.

Aria Townhomes and Marion Apartments are two multi-family housing projects which have greatly allowed me to glimpse into the relationship between architect, contractor, and owner, and the communication between the three.  They have also given me a greater understanding of HPA’s Revit standards and processes, and how to sync documents and not mess up other people’s work within the central project.  Marion Apartments is currently in the permit phase, seeking the city’s approval to build, so I helped model in Revit a few of the existing buildings adjacent to the sight that the city wanted to see.  I also helped correct redlines made by the city in regards to the drawings as well.  The city is very particular about the way that they want their drawings and the information they want in their drawings.  Aria Townhomes is an award winning project that is being built in three phases.  Phase One is completed, and now that the units within that phase have sold the owner is looking to build Phase Two and Three.  This project is 7-10 years in the making, and has passed through about 15 hands who have worked on it.  The owner wanted to make a few last minute alterations to the 100% complete Construction Documents, so my task was to redline the drawings again, noticing any missing elements in Phase Two from Phase One, and correcting the drawings as the owner desired.

These projects made up my week Monday through Thursday working longer days to get our forty hours in, and then on Friday we ended the week by taking an all expenses paid company ski trip up to Winter Park. It was a blast!


6 thoughts on “Week 3 Report

  1. Sounds like you have been very busy this week! I think it is great that you seem to be getting into multiple areas of design with the graphics, modeling and Revit and working on the final touches of the construction documents! I think its great that the company trusts you with those final CD’s.
    I think it is also nice that they work your schedule and give you specific time allowed to complete the tasks at hand, it seems to be a good practice when scheduling and very organized.
    Lastly, YOU WENT ON AN ALL PAID SKI TRIP!! That’s amazing! I’m sure you had a blast and that allowed you to bond with your co-workers in a relaxed atmosphere.


  2. Glad to hear that these are your kind of people, getting to go skiing! Lucky! I could see how having your hours planned out for you would be a problem for some people. But on the other hand it is a great tool for the company and a good way to know what you will be working on ahead of time. Does this system allow for any felxablity for backups or disasters?


    1. That is an excellent question. I am not sure what kind of flexibility is built into that, but there should be for disasters! I do know, however, that something I was scheduled for 9 hours for this week only took my two hours to complete today, so some other projects that I was not even scheduled for were pushed up to this week. So I feel like there is some flexibility in that.


  3. An all expense paid trip to Winter Park?? That is so awesome!!! Again, such a Maddie activity! That is really interesting though that the allot your time at the beginning of the week but I could see how that could be a bit intimidating to accomplish the task in the estimated time.


  4. You had a very busy week, but how cool that it was rewarded with a paid ski trip!

    I have worked with Vision before too – do you find that the staffing is usually accurate or do the majority of the people in the office end up working on other projects not shown on their weekly report?

    I am also very glad you are getting exposure to a wide variety of projects and recognizing the importance of communication at all levels of the project! Learning how to communicate with contractors or consultants is a very good skill to have and not one that many interns get the opportunity to gain exposure to!


    1. I have found that scheduling through Vision is somewhat accurate. I actually just spoke with one of my co-workers about the accuracy or strictness of it today, and she said that it is very flexible, and people almost always take more or less time on a project or end up helping someone else out on another project quite a bit.


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