Microsoft Windows 10

At the end of January, Microsoft announced it’s Windows 10 software, which makes actual holographic technology possible.  This technology will be installed on all of their new Windows 10 devices, which honestly seems like a huge jump from Windows 8, which simply juggled around the function and organization of the desktop and allowed for smoother multi-tasking on the Windows platform.

The new technology will even require a third processor specifically titled a “holographic processing unit.”  The main part of this also includes something that reminds me very much of Google Glass, a “Holo-lens” headset.  This will allow you to project holographs onto literally anywhere, making it possible to turn your entire living room into a virtual game, the ad showed Minecraft taking over someone’s home, or mocking up designs, or virtual teaching applications too.  The Holo-lens uses many sensors to map the 3-dimensional environment around you and meld the virtual with reality.

This new software leaves me with more questions than answers right now.  Like what happens when your dog walks all over virtual space? Will you run into your spouse as you wander about your home?  Part of the advertisement showed a woman designing and trying out the body of a motorcycle, so do you still need designated space for your virtual models to occupy?

Santas, R. (2015, January 21). Windows Holographic: Microsoft Goes Full Throttle Into Virtual Reality. Retrieved February 9, 2015, from


One thought on “Microsoft Windows 10

  1. I agree, I think this technology will provide some incredible opportunities, but will still have some bugs to work out (I especially like the comment about the dog). Some of your peers have also posted about the Holo-lens, and I commented that I know some individuals in the real estate industry who are excited to use the technology with clients to tour them through a home and customize aspects instantaneously. I personally think the classroom integration could be the most interesting!


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