Week 5

This week was a little bit of a slower, monotonous week for me.  I started on Monday working on a few very early quick projects for the redesign of our own studio, catching red lines for demo plans and furniture layout and what will be new construction versus existing work.  I learned a lot of new skills in Revit for organizing phases and making graphics pop as well as material schedules, furniture schedules, legends, etc.

I also worked on two smaller projects that are just getting started: Bemis Public Library in Littleton, Colorado, and Big Piney Library in Big Piney, Wyoming.  Side note, I am surprised and slightly appalled by how outdated existing libraries are and how boring and architecturally dull they are.  For both of these libraries they have asked Humphries Poli to evaluate their existing conditions and how they can be better designed or have further work done on them.  Big Piney asked us to start working on a feasibility study for them, so I created a few diagrams and put together the initial start of a report in InDesign for their existing site.  Also, a recommendation for everyone, sometimes Google Earth and Google Maps get confused on where buildings are actually located, so double check that your library site is actually where it is instead of a random shed is someone’s backyard.  Bemis Library also asked us to create an addition to their building provide a few diagrams for furniture layout and sketches of what that addition would look like on the exterior of the building.  These diagrams allowed me to see and help design through connecting existing spaces and how that works with circulation, views, demolition, code, and exiting.

Then, the rest of the week I worked on a project titled McNichols.  They are working on a high profile project for the city of Denver revamping the entrance to a historical building on Capitol Hill and bringing it up to current ADA standards.  I was tasked with building a removable physical model of their current design to show to clients at a progress meeting this week.  The design is actually really cool and I love how they are creatively working with classical format and melding that into a much more organic, bold, flowing solution.  I would upload pictures, but I don’t think I am allowed to take any images of design work or work that is in progress until it is out to construction documents or already built.


6 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. As work goes it sounds like some of the projects you do are exciting, and others not so much, but I’m glad you were able to work on the McNichols project, it sounds like something that really interests you and I hope it is continually interesting to you! I’m also glad you are learning some new techniques in Revit, I will know who to go to for line drawings 😉

    Keep on keepin’ on and have a great next week!


  2. I agree with Amanda, it sounds like you are getting some very practical skills in Revit. Some of those elements are never introduced in school, so you are ahead of the game by being able to work on them during your internship.

    The McNichols project sounds interesting, and I think you are right – anytime there is a confidential project, you typically do not want to post photos or plans. This can be especially important if you are working with an entry area that may have some security concerns (which it sounds like you are). What are some of the creative ways the group in working with the mix of old and new? Is it in materials, forms, etc.?


  3. The McNichols project does sound very interesting. Being high profile, I would assume that there is a lot of money involved with this project. Has the behavior of the studio leaders reflected this, or do they treat it as any other project?


    1. I think the project leaders want to treat every project with care and importance, but I would say that there is a lot more conversation of how refined their work is for presentations and meetings as the public will see every piece of this project.


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