Week 6

I would like to say that this week was the best week ever and that I learned so much, but to be honest with you, this week was a little frustrating at work.  We had Monday off for President’s Day, which I spent driving back from Kansas.  Then everyone was highly disorganized for the rest of the week and still on vacation brain.

In Vision this week (our scheduling program) I was only scheduled for two hours of work all week, which obviously was not accurate.  The weekly staff meeting was scheduled for Tuesday and never happened, so everyone was a little confused on Tuesday.  Tuesday was slow until after Lunch and Learn, which featured free lunch and a fascinating presentation from a terra cotta representative.  I never knew there were so many applications for terra cotta, from facades to roofs, and different colors and textures and weights and weatherproofing.  Then in the afternoon I commented to one of the PMs Ryan that I was only scheduled for two hours all week, so that means I could go home right?  He laughed and said, “Yes that is exactly what that means.”  Then he referred me to another PM Jane as well as Kelly and PM Ozi for work that they had wanted me to do.  Jane and Jenna wanted me to put together a few material binders for ourselves and a contractors for an interior remodel at CU Denver’s Medical Building.  This involved gathering and organizing materials for the binders, as well as contacting and ordering samples from representatives.  Kelly and Ozi wanted me to build a section model for the McNichols project to help with designing the entry as well as show the clients what is going on in more detail.  The frustrating part was that I am not a huge fan of model making as well as Kelly and Ozi were out of town for the rest of the week and it was hard for me to accomplish what they wanted from me.

The exciting part of this week though is that I started working with some of my co-workers on Pret a Porter, the fashion show very much like Color and Coutoure.  We worked on the design a little more, and had to put together a final concept package by Friday.  The concept package included a poster with the makeup map and sketch of our design, materials we are using from our manufacturer sponsor.  So, I had the responsibility to create the poster, which was enjoyable and stretched my photoshopping and layout skills.


5 thoughts on “Week 6

  1. So what was is a mistake that they only scheduled you 2 hours? One thing I have learned with being in the work settings and having real clients is things happen, a lot. You have to be flexible, so if a meeting never happens then take the opportunity to continue working on whatever it is you are working on! Last week my supervisor changed out week-end meeting about three times before we were ever able to get a time in because of clients changing their schedules and vendor meetings being pushed back etc etc. =) Just remember to have a schedule but allow it to potentially be flexible.


  2. Isn’t it strange how a short week can throw everything off? It always seems harder to get people going again when the week is structured differently. Amanda is right – flexibility is key in any job!

    It is good that you are getting to work with some other designers, but I understand your frustrations with not having them around to field questions. Are they having you build a physical model?! Are they open to doing things like this in Revit/Rhino? What about access to a laser cutter or 3D printer?

    I am glad you are also getting exposure to lunch and learns. They are a great way to learn more about specialty products and additional application. And the fashion show sounds like a lot of fun – what manufacturers have you been paired with?

    Make sure you are documenting the fashion show process/event as well – I would love to see pictures and this can be included in your poster and potentially your portfolio.


    1. Yes, it is strange and flexibility is important.

      In regards to the model, everything is already designed in Revit, but they want something that is moveable, something a client can touch and point to and move around in 360 degrees, something that is tangible. We do not have a laser cutter, but we do have a tiny 3D printer.

      The manufacturer we are paired with is Armstrong Ceiling Tiles, which you would think would be potentially ridiculously difficult, but we are using a lot of their raw materials, fabric, and metal mesh ceiling that they have.


  3. Looks like you were able to enjoy some of the free food this week as well! From the lunch and learn, have you seen any applications of the product used on current projects or did people seem to respond positively to the product?

    The fashion show will be so much fun! I loved going to Color Couture this past year, so I am sure you will enjoy it! I can’t wait to see pictures of it!


    1. Thank you Jessica!

      Yes, people were pleasantly surprised by the various uses and asthetics of terra cotta. I don’t know if we are currently specifying any of their product on our projects, but they have had some high profile jobs, such as cladding and roofing for all of CU Boulder’s campus.


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