The Lighting Agency

This month, a lighting manufacturer representative Humphries Poli works with, The Lighting Agency, celebrated the opening of their new showroom just west of the I-25 corridor near downtown.  In honor of their recent remodel, The Lighting Agency invited the many architects and designers that they have a relationship with from around Denver to either come to a lunch on Thursday or Happy Hour on Friday.  A few co-workers and I decided to attend, and so we took a longer lunch break on Thursday to visit the showroom.  First of all, the food catered there was amazingly delicious.  The showroom was breathtaking.  I appreciate how the showroom functions as an office for all of the employees, but also a staging space to give examples of the many different lighting products they carry.  The new design was tasteful, dramatic, and yet not overpowering.  It did a good job of showing fixtures that work well in conference rooms, hallways, kitchens, meeting rooms, stairwells, and office space.

IMG_1620 IMG_1621

One of the coolest features took place in a conference room.  This conference room was fitted with a fully adjustable up/down light, as well as cove lighting and recessed down-lights.  All of the lighting was fully adjustable, not just dimmable, but color-changing as well as color temperature changing! The color temperature of the main suspended up-down lights could be adjusted from a very warm, comforting yellow 2400K to a cold, sterile white light of 4000K.  The difference in the atmosphere of the room and on the furniture selections and colors was astounding.  The entire room was also controlled by a single smart panel attached to the wall in which you can program different settings for the room or adjust the color temperatures, light levels, or which lights are on in the room as well.  The Lighting Agency had created even fun settings for the Broncos, Valentines Day, and St Patrick’s Day.  All of this color adaptation was achieved via LED lamps.


Some other of my favorite features included recessed lights that lay flat along a wall or ceiling and run down the hall, creating striking accent lighting, way-finding, or emergency lighting.

All in all, they featured all sorts of luminaires for ambient lighting, focal lighting, and decorative lighting.  Each feature is useful and practical, as well as makes or breaks a space. Touring the showroom both inspired me and reminded me how important lighting is within architectural spaces.

IMG_1626 IMG_1623

IMG_1627 IMG_1628

Above are some more examples of the luminaires The Lighting Agency showcases.


2 thoughts on “The Lighting Agency

  1. What a great event to get to attend! Lighting design is such a key part of what we do daily and to see many of these products or installation in person is so valuable. Showrooms are very interesting places as well since they serve as office and exhibit space. The increasing capabilities of LEDs and integrated control solutions can allow rooms to have multiple functions and quickly adjust accordingly. Do you know if they were using a Crestron or a Lutron control in the conference room? Also, the linear fixtures are a great way to take lighting from a wall to ceiling application or to make architectural lighting become more decorative!


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