Week 8

This week I finished up the McNichols model on Monday for several meetings with it on Tuesday.  After seeing the whole model come together, I enjoyed the process.  It helped me better understand the building and really allows people a better perspective of the mass and scale of the design.  I found out later from Dennis, Ozi, and Kelly that this was extremely helpful for the client to understand when they presented the model in their meetings.  The team received a forwarded email from Dennis later in the week from the client talking a little bit about the design, but then finishing saying that they were fairly confused about the doors until Humphries Poli showed them the physical model and then everyone loved it and the design was approved.

door closed Bronze Door opened

The day after finishing the McNichols model consisted of me fixing up other older models on display around the office.  This deed at first seemed kind of boring to me, but I was grateful afterwards as I did not realize how tired I was from cruising through building the section model and working late on Monday night to finish that.  Plus, it offered me a chance to learn more about some of the other projects Humphries Poli has completed, speak with the other designers on them, and peek into the archives to find out what parts of the building that were missing looked like and in turn discovering a gold mine of information, presentations, process work, renderings, and client interaction for each project.  I also discovered a brilliant new concept for label making as Humprhies Poli makes a lot of the labels for their models on basswood or chipboard which can’t actually be printed on.  You print a label on paper backwards, and then lay that facedown on the chipboard and basswood and then use an alcohol marker all over the ink and rub the label onto the wood or chipboard.  It is a really fun technique.


Later in the week I was tasked with continuing to work on a project that I did façade studies for: 38th and Kalamath.  The owner and the city have approved the changes to the materials on the façade and now wish to move forward to construction.  Therefore I know am drawing section cuts and details of parapets, material changes in the wall, and where the wall meets the foundation for the entire building.  It is kind of a lot of work, and I do not always understand how to draw some of the details, but it has been a good learning experience, not only in presentation and Revit, but also in building construction.  One of the PMs, Tom, has been working with me to help me understand the connections and the makeup of some of the walls I am not familiar with.

I was also cleared to share some images related to Pret a Porter (the fashion design competition) with you guys.  Here is our concept poster:

Pret a Porter Concept Poster


6 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. That sounds like a really fun week Maddie. I like when the computer work is split up by some hands on work. Is the fashion show coming up? It looks very exciting!


    1. Oh I forgot to mention, sadly we found out this week that we will not be competing in the fashion show. Our rep. did not deliver the materials in time for us to make a final design and complete the outfit.


  2. Maddie, It’s really awesome that you are getting to make models. Even though it can get tedious sometimes working with my hands is always my favorite part of design and I really miss it sometimes. I think getting to learn about your company’s past projects through looking back over their models is a really interesting way to learn about them. Keep up the awesome work, those models look great!


  3. The doors on the model look really nice! Are they faced with copper on the interior? Is the concept that they are open during business hours and closed other times? What size are they going to be? Also, congratulations on getting client approval!

    I think it is great that the firm recognized your modeling skills and had you modify some of their existing work. It is obvious that they value this as a presentation method and a great opportunity for you to learn more about their portfolio of work.

    The fashion show concept looks great – I can’t wait to see photos of the dress from the show! Had you had much exposure to Armstrong’s product line prior to working on this project? They have some pretty interesting offerings apart from just acoustical ceiling tile!


    1. Thank you. The doors are 12 feet high by 9 feet wide each. They will have to have a separate man door hidden within them as well to meet egress code. They are intended to be open during business hours and closed during the evening. The materials are still being debated on, but currently they are copper plated on the outside with a graphic on the interior with glazing over that and backlit.
      Unfortunately, as of this week, we withdrew our entry in the fashion show. But Armstrong does have some crazy cool products, you are right!


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