Week 12

This week I worked on a variety of projects.  Monday was spent working on a few favors for Dennis.  I gathered and perused through existing drawings for a new library project we won last week in Eagle, Colorado.  These drawings would then be used by Dennis to create some preliminary concept sketches for the library, who is debating whether or not they want to remodel or expand or renovate their existing building.  After looking over the floor plans, he decided they were messy and hard to read, so he requested that I reconstruct them to make them cleaner and more readable.  I also gathered images from Google Earth of the town of Eagle (located thirty minutes west of Vail), the surrounding neighborhood, and the site.  I then identified the actual site and approximately how much acreage they owned by looking at county records and zoning maps.  All of this I then delivered to Dennis.  I may even be taking a trip up to Eagle soon to take pictures of the site and the building for Dennis to use to begin concept work on the project.

The rest of the week was occupied with the McNichols project, surprise work from Xcel for the Thornton Substation, work on an apartment complex called Vela (or Peoria Apartments), and further picking up of red-lines on the retail space, 38th and Kalamath.  McNichols work included some quick modeling on the current section model for new designs of the lobby area and third floor alterations for a client meeting on Tuesday morning.  Then Xcel came back to us for revisions to the elevations on the Substation that I have worked on in the past.  Sometimes clients can be incredibly particular.  The fun work for the week was on 38th and Kalamath, learning a little bit more about egress and how to show that in construction documentation, and learning new tricks in Revit as some of the information from previous drawings was missing when we reconfigured the site. On Peoria, I modeled a few different options for signage outside of the clubhouse and created a few images of what that would look like from both the entrance and the back.  I’ll try and upload some of these images if I can next week.


3 thoughts on “Week 12

  1. Congrats on winning a library project! Looks like we will both get to learn a little bit more about libraries! Do you know if you will get to work directly on that project?


  2. It sounds like this was a busy week! Do you find it challenging to switch back and forth between so many projects? The site analysis process you undertook for the project in Eagle will certainly come in handy during your capstone project and if you choose an interiors project for your thesis. I hope you get a chance to go to Eagle if you have not been. Just like Vail, it is absolutely beautiful!

    I am having the 3rd years do a life safety/egress plan for their final CD set. Any of the tricks that you learned while doing this that you think would be useful to them?


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