Week 15

This week I worked on a few different projects again.  I continued to work on McNichols, redlining  and figuring out whether our plaza steps at the entry will be able to have tiny LED lighting recessed within them for dramatic appeal at night.  I also helped design and build in Revit with Kelly and Ozi what the stairs from the first floor to the second floor will look like.  We needed to upgrade these stairs to meet code, but of course they have to be more than just concrete cast in place, so we are playing with glass guardrails, possibly acid etched mimicking the pattern of the intricate historic iron guardrails from the second to third floor, treads and risers within a stringer made from a c-beam, much like the 2nd floor stairs as well, and lighting underneath the stairs, covered by glass as well.

I also spent a good chunk of time this week working on initial design options for Eagle Library.  I had to get in contact with the Town Planner to figure out the regulations for parking which are 1 spot per 100 sf, and we typically suggest 1 per 250 sf.  So we needed to figure out if we could suggest something other than the requirements set up by the Town of Eagle.

In addition to these two larger projects I worked on putting together a poster for the Historic Elitch Theatre to show the renovations that have been completed and are in progress.  This poster was requested of us by the Elitch Theatre for the Doors Open Denver event this weekend, kind of like a giant open house all over Denver.  Finally, I pulled together some cut sheets for another designer, Eric, for lighting in 35th and Larimer, a multi-family housing complex.  I was also able to select a main lighting feature for the lobby area of this building.


One thought on “Week 15

  1. It is so great that you are working on such different scales – from lighting to parking calculations! Since the work at McNichols is in a historic context, do you have to do mock-ups of design options for approval or have you primarily been able to work off of your models?

    Light selection is one of my favorite things – especially if it is feature lighting or decorative! What did you end up going with for the feature lighting in the lobby?


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